BiAS - Bioinformatics Assembly of Students

 Bioinformatics Assembly of Students


Please join this group if you are in a Bioinformatics program, want to be in the program, or if you are just interested in Bioinformatics.

BiAS provides Bioinformatics graduate students with resources and support, through volunteering, academic and social activities, which may further their success throughout their academic years and help to build a strong foundation and socio-academic network for their careers.

BiAS will strive to facilitate communication between students, faculty and industry professionals, in order to increase awareness about various aspects of ongoing bioinformatics and genomics research. 

For more information, please contact Lauren Slane at 

Current Officers:

  • Mike Sioda, President 
  • James Johnson, Vice President
  • Rachel Walstead, Treasurer
  • Matthew Brown, Secretary



Upcoming BiAS Events:

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