Bioinformatics and Genomics Spring 2017

Seminar Date: Friday February 10, 2017 

Title: Leveraging Advanced Cyberinfrastructure for High Dimensional Biological Discovery 

Speaker: Alex Feltus, PhD 

Clemson University
Associate Professor, Genetics and Biochemistry Department 

Abstract: In the last 20 years, biological data accumulation has moved from the megabyte into the petabyte scale. For example, there are now more than 9.3 petabytes of published, embargoed and mineable genomic data from individual investigators and consortia in the NCBI Short Read Archive. Massive biomedical data troves are sprouting up like The Cancer Genome Atlas, “1000” Genomes Project, and the Human Connectome Project. It is critical that genome analytical cyberinfrastructure evolve with data growth so that petascale/exascale computing is in the reach of individual investigators across all life science disciplines.This talk will demonstrate how interdisciplinary teams driven by the science AND cyberinfrastructure can push institutions towards petascale computing before everyone needs it. In addition, it will be demonstrated that current national cyberinfrastructure can be leveraged at the terascale to squeeze high dimensional biological discovery from public databases in the form the complex molecular interactions underlying complex traits in both plant and vertebrate systems.